About Us Caring for the Environment

It’s fashionable right now for manufacturers to claim the environmental kudos for changing their production methods to something sustainable. That wasn’t the case a decade ago, however, when BEST made the decision to build and invest in South Australia to provide state-of-the-art production plant equipment, in order to build better products. It’s been a massive investment of Millions of dollars in technology, with the combined view to reduce the impact on the environment.

The nature of pavers

One of the most important points to make about how BEST makes products is that it is, after all, a natural process using natural ingredients. So whilst the technology has changed radically, the basic methods of production we use would not be unrecognisable to ancient paver makers. Granite, marble and limestone pavers are, of course, just natural stone that’s precisely cut and exquisitely finished. Every component that goes into the manufacture of our composite pavers is natural materials. There are no chemicals used in the process. Unlike most manufacturers, that means our site is free of contaminants. It also makes pavers a guilt-free purchase and a worthy addition to any green home.

BEST Water recycling plantWater saving

Manufacturing pavers does require a lot of water. And that’s a real problem in Australia, the driest habitable continent on Earth. So in 1999, we installed our first water-recycling plant.  At the start of this year we added a second plant. On those rare occasions when it rains, every precious drop of water is collected from our factory roofs and introduced to a closed-loop water system that allows us to use the same water over and over again. This has reduced our water consumption by an astonishing 5,000 litres per day.

Gas-free curingBEST Gas-free curing

Even during the kiln-drying process, BEST has taken every step to ensure resources are used efficiently and responsibly. Our products are not kiln fired and no heat energy is required. Instead, our traditional products are dried by a mist-curing process. At computer-controlled intervals, our products are subjected to fine sprays of water, all of which comes from our recycling plant. Not only does this cure our products to ensure a strong, quality result that will endure in situ; it also ensures the drying process is successful with less wasteful rejects. Unlike other manufacturers, no natural gas is used in this stage.


Zero waste

Our manufacturing process produces no waste. If a product is produced that we deem unsaleable, it is simply crushed and reprocessed for use in future manufacture. So we’ve all but eliminated the need to send anything to landfill.

Environmental products

In this way, every product that comes from BEST is made in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. But some products go on to do even more for the environments in which they’re used. For example, we’ve developed a new, permeable product, called the Bio Paver. Extensively tested and verified by adjunct Professor John Argue of the Centre for Water Studies at the University of South Australia, Bio Pavers allow water to seep through them into the ground below, thereby reducing the amount of runoff and stormwater that pollutes our coastal waters.