About Us FAQ

Is BEST an Australian owned company?
Yes, BEST is a 100% family owned Australian company.

Are any BEST products imported?
No, every product sold by BEST is manufactured by BEST at our 40,000m2 manufacturing facility at Wingfield in South Australia.

Where does BEST fit within the South Australian Industry Participation Policy
The South Australian Government along with The Industry Advocate has implemented an Industry Participation Policy  ( SAIPP ) whereby any project in South Australia requires a minimum industry participation of 15% when tenders are being evaluated. There has also been a SA product rating system to assist companies and individuals in determining which products and services to use to meet the Industry Participation Policy. 

You can be assured that BEST Bricks & Pavers meets the highest level in the SA Product Rating System. Best Bricks & Pavers meets the Total Supply Chain classification. Total Supply Chain means that at least 80% of the components, materials or substances used in the primary production or manufacture are sourced from within South Australia. The supply, distribution, and installation of the product all occur within South Australia. 

Is BEST environmentally responsible?
Yes, it may be fashionable right now for manufacturers to claim the environmental kudos for adopting more sustainable production methods. This wasn’t the case a decade ago when BEST made the decision to build a better, sustainable manufacturing facility. BEST will always place a very high priority on our duty of care to protect the environment for future generations. Click on to the “Environment” section of this site to learn more about our water saving initiatives, gas-free curing, zero waste and environmental products.

Are BEST products Quality Assured?
Yes, BEST is quality assured to ISO 9001. BEST adopts strict production controls that demand we only ever use the finest natural materials available ensuring our complete range is manufactured to the highest possible standard.

Can BEST lay my BEST pavers?
Yes, our professional laying teams can complete a hassle free job ensuring your pavement not only adheres to industry standards but to our own exacting specifications as well. Call us for an obligation-free quotation to supply and lay your paving.

Do BEST pavers fade?
BEST use the highest quality oxides to colour our masonry products and the most modern curing techniques available. In many instances what may appear to be colour loss is in fact dirt and grime which is suppressing the true colour of a pavement. Click on to the “Maintenance” section of this site to learn more about maintaining and cleaning your BEST products.

Can BEST pavers be laid near salt water pools?
Yes, the entire BEST product range is salt resistant and as such is ideal for use beside salt water pools.

Should BEST pavers be sealed?
This really is an individual choice. Do you want your pavement to weather naturally or do you want to maintain a “just laid” pristine appearance? What is beyond dispute is that pavers should not be sealed until at least 3 months after they have been laid and always make sure that area to be sealed has been thoroughly cleaned prior to application of sealer.