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When one thinks of the use of natural stone inevitably the image conveyed in your mind is of natural stone used by the Romans or the iconic images of natural stone in use in a Tuscan setting.

The common link being that it is Italian Stone.

In recent times the Australian market has been flooded by inferior stone products from developing nations such as China and India.

BEST's charter has always been to provide the very best in all products.  With this in mind we now offer Italian Stone including Travertine, Basalt, and Serena Sandstone.


A crystalline form of calcium carbonate resulting from spring or river deposits.  First used by the Romans over 2000 years ago, this stone is characterised by surface pits and holes.

Available in Sawn, and Honed & Filled finish.


A hard and dense fine-grained igneous rock generally formed from volcanic lava flows.  It is made up of minute crystals barely visible to the naked eye.

Available in Sawn, Honed & Filled, and Weathered finish.